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Multiple California Consulting LLC Clients have been awarded a total of $ 396,003 for the 2015-2016 Tire Derived Product (TDP) Grant

California Consulting LLC is pleased to announce multiple California Consulting Clients were awarded the 2015-2016 Tire Derived Product (TDP) Grant totaling $396,003.

Central Union School District: $149,795 (Ann Vermel, Senior Project Manager- Central Valley)

City of La Puente: $74,657 (David Marquez, Project Manager)

City of San Joaquin: $149,865 (Danielle Sotelo, Deputy Statewide Grants Manager)

Hacienda La Puente USD: $21,686 (Amy Christianson, Senior Education Associate)

Total: $396,003

California Consulting LLC extends congratulations to our clients who have received awards and the grant writers and staff who wrote the applications.