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“Our grant writers have written more than 1000 competitive federal, state, and private foundation grant applications that have been awarded to our clients.”

The California Consulting grants team consists of 20 grant writers as well as support staff. Through years of experience, our grant writers have a proven track record of success and have mastered their skills of identifying, researching and obtaining funding for significant projects at every level of government. Our aggressive, hard-working and results-oriented style has translated into millions of dollars for our clients. Our professional grant writers are diligent and stay current on every Federal and State grant available on a myriad of different topics and public policy areas. Whether it is recreation, education, parks, or public safety our grants team knows where to locate grant funds and how to successfully write the applications.

Our Grant Writers have written more than 1000 competitive Federal, State and Private Foundation applications that have been funded for our clients since 2004.


California Consulting staff meets with our clients to identify priority projects, needs, objectives and tangible goals. Based on our knowledge of federal, state, and private funding opportunities our staff then will closely monitor funding opportunities that fit your needs.


California Consulting is the State’s largest and most effective grant writing company and have secured more than 1000 awarded grant applications! Put simply, our grant writers know how to craft your application and take it from scratch and turn it into a highly competitive document.


After the grant is awarded there is often post-award compliance that needs to be addressed. California Consulting staff has extensive experience in the area of grants administration, evaluation, and reporting post-award. We will assist you and your staff to meet all post-award requirements.


Time and time again our staff has been able to take an “idea” from a client and turn it into reality by finding the correct grant that fits the need. Our team of experts has the ability to conduct national searches and find any and all funding opportunities for our clients.