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California Consultinng is Pleased to Announce the International Paper Foundation: Enviornmental Education and Literacy Grant

California Consulting is pleased to announce the International Paper Foundation: Environmental Education and Literacy Grant.

International Paper Foundation: Environmental Education & Literacy Grants

Deadline: Quarterly (February 1, April 1, August 1, and October 1, annually)

Amount: $100 – $100,000

Match: None

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations, government entities, and school districts

The foundation’s primary focus areas include the following:

1.      Environmental Education: The Foundation supports programs that help both younger and older generations understand a sustainable approach balancing environmental, social, and economic needs. Examples of supported programs include:
science-based programs targeting children; outdoor classrooms at schools or in communities; outdoor science programs tied to forestry, air, or water; and, education-based programs that promote recycling, tree planting, and composting initiatives.
2.      Literacy: The Foundation addresses literacy through support of programs that:
enhance availability of reading materials at school and community libraries; enhance reading skills of children and adults; and, teach English as a Second Language (ESL).
The Foundation provides limited consideration for funding to new critical needs in company communities. Consideration is given to one-time, non-recurring needs which benefit the community at large. The Foundation considers providing “seed” money on a one-time basis for requests that identify a community-wide need and provide details of sustaining the initiative within the community beyond International Paper funding.  The Foundation generally does not fund capital, economic development, or multi-year projects.

If you or your entity is interested in California Consulting writing this application, please call our Southern California Office at (323)728-9002.