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California Consulting Partners with USC Center for the Political Future and the USC Unruh Institute of Politics to Help Community

California Consulting and USC Center for the Political Future partnered during the COVID19 shelter at home order to secure interns for their summer program. California Consulting CEO Steve Samuelian worked with the USC staff to secure ten summer internships for students‎ with federal, state, county, and city local elected official offices. Providing a valuable hands-on experience for ten deserving students that wish to learn about public policy.

The internship program at the USC Center for the Political Future helps students gain hands-on experience, build relationships in the world of politics, and hone their soft and hard skills to help them throughout their professional careers. You can find more information about the Internship program here. California Consulting is continually striving to support the community during the COVID 19 pandemic. This is one way to further the community’s progress once the stay at home order is lifted and everything returns to normal.

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