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California Consulting LLC Welcomes the City of Baldwin Park as our Newest Client

City of Baldwin ParkCalifornia Consulting LLC is pleased to welcome the City of Baldwin Park as our newest client. Some fun facts about Baldwin Park are below:

  • 1906 the city changed its name to Baldwin Park. It was named after Elias J. “Lucky” Baldwin
  • As of September 1882, the first school house was built on the southeast corner of North Maine and Los Angeles Avenues in 1884. It contained two rows of double seats, a central aisle leading to the teacher’s desk, and a heating stove at the north end. Mr. Frazier was the first teacher. In April 1888, The Vineland School District was established according to county records.
  • Baldwin Park is home to the first In-N-Out burger stand, opened on October 22, 1948. It was the first drive-thru in California[7] and was replaced in November 2004 with a new building. The new In-N-Out University and company store opened in 2006 on Francisquito Avenue. Also, the company’s first meatpacking plant is located down the street from the locations at the company headquarters on Hamburger Lane. In/N/Out now has a second meat processing plant in Texas to serve their Texas restaurants.

We are happy to have a city with such rich history as our newest client.