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California Consulting is pleased to announce the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS): FY 2018 Grants deadline is January 30, 2017.

California Consulting is pleased to announce the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS): FY 2018 Grants deadline is January 30, 2017.

California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS): FY 2018 Grants

Deadline: January 30, 2017

Amount: Varies by program

Match: Varies by program

Eligibility: Public Agencies and Law Enforcement

OTS grant funding now available for FY 2018.  This funding consists of ten specific grant opportunities that are described below.  Please review the OTS grants webpage for further details.

  1. Alcohol Impaired Driving Grants: 

These programs aim to prevent people from driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other drugs and to remove DUI drivers from the road. OTS grants use a comprehensive approach by funding educational, prevention, and enforcement programs and by focusing on high-risk groups.

  1. Distracted Driving Grants: 

OTS and CHP co-lead the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Distracted Driving Challenge Area by developing action items to reduce this problem. Countermeasures ​funded ​include increased and focused enforcement, observational surveys, and public awareness campaigns, while other actions are being developed to change behavior.

  1. D​rug Impaired Driving Grants: 

​​Funding to decrease the average response time for the arrival of appropriate equipment at collision sites in rural areas OTS grants have ​provide for  increased officer training in the NHTSA Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE) programs, which ​lead to better detection of drug-impaired drivers. OTS grants also ​fund vertical prosecution programs for drug-impaired driving cases.

  1. Emergency Medical Services Grants:


OTS provides funds for cost-effective programs that incorporate effective strategies for improving California’s EMS system’s ability to meet the needs of motor vehicle collision victims. OTS-funded programs provide life-saving equipment, training, reliable ambulance transportation, effective communications, public information, education, and access to data and evaluation tools.​

  1. Motorcycle Safety Grants:

Funding to reduce motorcycle collisions, injuries and fatalities. Activities include, enhancing the motorcycle safety awareness component in driver education courses, encouraging the use of proper protective equipment for riders, outreach to un-endorsed motorcycle owners offering “refresher” rider training courses, consideration of motorcycle safety in roadway design.

  1. Occupant Protection Grants: 

Funding for statewide and local public information campaigns, increased enforcement, and community education, outreach, and training for seat belt and child safety seat programs. More specifically, the programs provide child safety seats to low-income families, conduct child safety seat check ups, and educate teens about using seat belts.

  1. Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Grants: 

OTS grantees develop programs to increase awareness of traffic rules, rights, and responsibilities among various age groups. These programs are developed to be attractive and interactive in an effort to truly impact students. There is a special emphasis on programs designed exclusively for the hard-to-reach population at the middle and high school levels. Additional outreach endeavors include programs targeting the senior population along with a multicultural approach to address safer driving and walking behaviors.

  1. Police Traffic Services Grants:

The Police Traffic Safety program focuses on a comprehensive approach to enforce and encourage compliance with seat belt use, impaired driving, speed limit, red light running, and other traffic laws. The grants are highly effective in reducing traffic collisions by dedicating resources to selective enforcement and education programs. These comprehensive programs have a long-lasting impact in reducing fatal and injury collisions. Under these programs, communities use available public and private assets to identify and attack significant traffic safety problems and other vehicle related crimes.

  1. Public Relations Advertising & Marketing Grants: 

The driving forces behind OTS’s marketing and public relations programs are information, engagement and communication. We first must engage the public’s interest, to bring them in and open them up to be receptive to communication. We do this through multiple and continuous earned media, active outreach, paid media, and social media connections to the public. After they are engaged, effectively communicating the importance of the life-saving benefits of traffic safety is paramount. By first raising public awareness, followed by social norming, OTS is able to contribute a significant positive change in traffic safety behavior and culture over time. ​

  1. Roadway Safety & Traffic Records Grants:

OTS advocates efforts to automate traffic collision database systems and the ability to analyze and map high-collision locations. Grant-funded items include hardware, software, and expert services necessary to aid in the automation of manual processes, eliminate process duplication, and facilitate enhanced data gathering and data sharing.​

If you or your entity is interesten in California Consulting writing any of the above mentioned grant applications, please contact our southern california office at 323-728-9002.