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California Consulting is pleased to announce 2016-17 Cal Fire Urban & Community Forestry Grants are upcoming and will be released later this summer. Please note this is upcoming funding; therefore, the information is tentative and may be subject to change

Cal FireCal Fire Urban & Community Forestry Program:

2016-17 “Urban Wood & Biomass Utilization” Grant

Release: TBD (likely late summer 2016) (Draft Guidance currently available via link below.)

Concept Proposal Deadline: November 17, 2016 (date may be subject to change)

Full Application Deadline: TBD (likely early 2017)

Amount:  $150,000 and $750,000 (amounts subject to change)

Match:  Typically 25% (may be subject to change)

Eligibility: cities, counties, qualifying districts, or 501(c)(3) nonprofits.  Qualifying

districts include, but are not limited to, school, park, recreation, water, and local taxing districts.

The purpose of this grant program is to fund the development and implementation of an Urban Wood or Urban Biomass Utilization project or program. Better utilizing this resource will lead to improved management of urban vegetation. Additionally, utilizing trees and other vegetation that are to be removed for a valid management objective avoids them being taken to a waste disposal location where they decay and emit GHG. The focus of this program is to strive to utilize the tree for its highest and best use(s) that lead to reductions in GHG emissions. It is not the intention of the program to fund removal of trees specifically for the purpose of utilization, or programs that intend to do so.  It is recommended that the project will take place in an environmental justice community, scoring 75% or above on the CalEnviroScreen 2.0 tool.