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California Consulting Announces the Release of the California Housing & Communities Development (HCD): Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

housing projectCA Housing & Community Development (HCD): Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Release: February 2016 (specific date TBD)

Deadline: May 2016 (specific date TBD)

Amount: Maximum of $2,000,000, including all activities except ED OTC, Colonia and Native American.

Match: 5% match required for PTA grants only

Eligibility: incorporated cities under 50,000 in population and counties with an unincorporated area population of under 200,000

This NOFA applies to State CDBG-eligible activities funded under the Economic Development (ED) Set-Aside, Community Development (CD) sub-allocation, Colonia Set-Aside, and Native American Set-Aside. Typical activities funded under each of these predominately benefit low- and moderate-income Californians and include: Business Assistance (BA) Projects and Programs; Microenterprise (ME) Assistance Programs; Housing Rehabilitation (HR) Programs and Projects; Homeownership Assistance (HA) Programs; Housing Acquisition Projects; Public Infrastructure Projects; Public Facility Projects; Public Service Programs; and Planning and Technical Assistance Grants.

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