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California Consulting Announces the California Natural Resource Agency: Prop 1 2016 California Urban Rivers Grant Program

California Natural Resources AgencyCalifornia Natural Resources Agency: Prop 1 2016 California Urban Rivers Grant Program

Deadline: October 5, 2016

Amount: $9.3 Million has been allocated to this program.  There are no minimum or maximum grant amounts.

Match: Not required, but matching funds is recommended

Eligibility: Public agencies, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, public utilities, federal & state recognized Indian tribes, and mutual water companies located in Urban Areas

Under Proposition 1, the California Natural Resources Agency was appropriated funding for green infrastructure that conserves water, buffers climate change impacts, improves water quality, water supply, public health, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and energy demand, restores, and protects rivers, creeks and streams including the acquisition of resource lands. Projects for the California Urban Rivers Grant Program must be multi-benefit watershed and urban rivers enhancement projects in urban watersheds that increase regional and local water self-sufficiency. Projects must meet at least two of the following five statutory objectives:
• Promote Groundwater Recharge and Water Reuse
• Reduce Energy Consumption
• Use Soils, Plants, and Natural Processes to Treat Runoff
• Create, or Restore Native Habitat
• Increase Regional and Local Resiliency and Adaptability to Climate Change