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Azusa Unified School District has been a client since 2014. In that short amount of time they have received 1991% return on their investment.

California Consulting client, Azusa Unified School District, has been a client since 2014. We are excited to announce that California Consulting has written the following grant applications that have been awarded:
School Breakfast Program and Summer
Food Service Program Start-up and Expansion Grant           $44,000
CA State Preschool Program Expansion Grant                        $741,410
CDE Specialized Secondary Schools Program                         $135,000
Classics for Kids Foundation Instrument Matching
Grant Program                                                                                   $5,000
CDE National School Lunch Program Equipment
Assistance Grant                                                                              $54,275
National School Lunch Equipment                                              $54,250
CDE California State Preschool Program
(CSPP) Expansion Funds                                                              $412,462
California Math and Science Partnership (CaMSP)             $1,839,504
CDE Gold Ribbon School Award                                           Merit Award
California Language& Learning Innovation
Collaboration (CALLI)                                                      In-Kind Services
California ASCD – Outstanding Instructional
Leader 2017                                                                                Merit Award
These above-mentioned awards total $3,285,901  which is a 1991%  return on their investment.

Association of California School Administrators

CALSA- California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators

California School Board Association