LA County Receives Over $5 Million in Major Federal Grant Award

In a groundbreaking development, The County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and the Office of Immigration Affairs have successfully secured $5,076,000 from the Department of Homeland Security for their Case Management Pilot Program. California Consulting Senior Project Manager Ashley Ramsey and Karen Simpson, in collaboration with the hardworking and dedicated Los Angeles County staff, wrote the winning application. This initiative aims to provide trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and linguistically responsive case management to approximately 1600 families and individuals.

The primary objective of the program is to break down barriers hindering access to supportive resources for those navigating immigration proceedings. By fostering a collaborative approach, the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and the Office of Immigration Affairs strive to offer comprehensive support that goes beyond the traditional framework.

The program operates with a profound understanding of the traumatic experiences many families and individuals face during immigration processes. By incorporating a trauma-informed approach, the case management services will be designed to address the unique needs and challenges of those involved, fostering a more empathetic and supportive environment.

One key aspect of the initiative is its commitment to linguistic responsiveness. Recognizing the diverse linguistic landscape of Los Angeles County, the program ensures that language is not a barrier to accessing vital services. By offering services in multiple languages, the County aims to reach a broader audience and provide equitable assistance to all residents.

An admirable goal of the Case Management Pilot Program is to transition from a temporary initiative to a permanent resource. This reflects a long-term commitment to breaking down systemic barriers and creating sustained support for families and individuals involved in immigration proceedings.

A distinctive feature of the program is its dedication to providing alternatives to detention. Acknowledging the challenges and often harsh conditions associated with detention, the initiative seeks to offer humane alternatives that respect the rights and dignity of those awaiting immigration proceedings. This approach aligns with broader efforts to create more compassionate and fair immigration policies.

The $5 million in funding represents a significant investment in the well-being of the Los Angeles community. It underscores the commitment of the County to address the complex and often overwhelming challenges faced by families and individuals involved in immigration processes.

As the Case Management Pilot Program takes flight, it serves as a beacon of hope for a more compassionate and inclusive approach to immigration support services. By breaking barriers, building bridges, and fostering collaborative efforts, Los Angeles County is making strides toward a more equitable and empathetic future for all its residents.