Jason Williams, Project Manager

Jason Williams was born and raised in Fresno. He spent nearly 20 years working in children’s mental health and social services with a focus on foster care and non-profit leadership. He worked at multiple non-profits and at the Department of Social Services. He considers himself a lifelong learner and he loves to read in his spare time. His most recent passion has been bringing trauma-informed care and practices to non-profits, the education sector, and the community.

While obtaining his master’s degree in psychology he found a passion for research and writing. He is involved in the Fresno County Health Improvement Partnership and the Fresno County Trauma and Resilience Network. He is well-versed in grant writing, grant management, and leadership. He has been involved in writing multiple, successful, federal, state, and local grants over the last 5 years and brings his working knowledge of service providers and government agencies to the grant writing process. Jason believes that the service and partnership grant writing provides is a mechanism for improving our communities.