City of Sausalito Receives a High Return on Investment

The City of Sausalito and California Consulting’s formidable alliance has achieved notable success with the recent approval of the U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Hiring grant. This significant achievement, amounting to $497,561, marks a pivotal moment in our collaborative efforts, reflecting our shared commitment to transforming visions into reality for the Sausalito community.

The COPS Hiring grant, a product of our joint endeavors, serves as a linchpin for advancing public safety initiatives in Sausalito. By facilitating the recruitment of additional officers, the grant not only augments the size of the police force but also reinforces the city’s dedication to ensuring a safer and more secure environment. Beyond numerical growth, the grant represents a strategic investment in fortifying Sausalito’s safety infrastructure.

An extraordinary 3740% Return on Investment (ROI) underscores the effectiveness of our partnership in securing substantial funding for the city’s critical projects. This remarkable ROI attests to the successful synergy between Sausalito’s vision for community improvement and California Consulting’s adeptness in identifying and capturing funding opportunities.

Looking ahead, our commitment to Sausalito’s prosperity remains steadfast. We aspire to persist in identifying and securing funding aligned with the city’s strategic goals. Whether in the realms of public safety, infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, or community services, our partnership is dedicated to translating Sausalito’s aspirations into tangible achievements.

California Consulting Director of Communications, Shasta Bell, stated: “The triumphs of our collaboration extend beyond financial gains; they echo our shared dedication to enhancing the quality of life for Sausalito residents. With a focus on the future, we eagerly anticipate the enduring impact of our partnership and the positive transformations it will bring to the Sausalito community.