Celebrating the City of Monterey’s Extraordinary Success With an 1127% ROI

In a testament to effective collaboration, the City of Monterey and California Consulting proudly announce a noteworthy achievement, securing an impressive $953,471 in grant funding within just one and a half years of their partnership.

The City of Monterey, guided by California Consulting’s expertise, has successfully secured the following grants:

1.      CAL-FIRE Wildfire Prevention Grant                – $800,000

2.      Office of Traffic Safety Grant                              – $50,257

3.      CEC-CalAPP Grant                                   – $40,000

4.      CalRecycle Rubberized Pavement Grant        – $63,214

That’s an 1127% return on investment!!

These grants perfectly complement the City’s commitment to ensuring a safe, healthy, historic, economically vibrant, and sustainable environment. By strategically addressing key areas such as wildfire prevention, traffic safety, clean energy initiatives, and sustainable infrastructure, the city underscores its dedication to enhancing the overall well-being of its community.

“The City of Monterey has demonstrated outstanding vision and leadership in pursuing these grants, and we are thrilled to celebrate their success,” says Dan Rodriguez, Director of Operations, at California Consulting. “Our collaboration reflects a shared commitment to advancing the City’s goals, and we look forward to continued achievements together.”

Monterey, with its scenic beauty and historic charm, is not just a place to live, work, and visit—it is a community committed to growth and sustainability. The secured grants will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in realizing the City’s vision for a vibrant and resilient future.