California Consulting Generates Over $28 Million for Clients in 4th Quarter FY23

California Consulting, a leading grant writing firm, proudly announces our extraordinary accomplishment in securing a remarkable $28,561,800 in grants during the 4th Quarter of 2023. The culmination of the year reflects the unwavering dedication and expertise of the CA Consulting Grant Writing Team, solidifying our reputation as the nation’s premier grant acquisition specialists.

Closing out the year in grand fashion, California Consulting’s impressive track record demonstrates our unparalleled ability to secure funding for a diverse range of projects. The success of our Grant Writing Team in consistently securing substantial awards underscores California Consulting’s commitment to excellence and client success.

Among the notable grants secured in the 4th Quarter of 2023 are:

1: Department of Homeland Security:  CMPP- Case Management Pilot Program (CMPP) – Award: $5,076,000 – Los Angeles County CBA/ OIA

2. CA State Library- Building Forward Library Infrastructure Program – Award: $4,300,000 – City of Vallejo   

3. CA Department of Education Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Stronger Connections Grant – Award: $3,536,272 – San Jacinto School District

These achievements highlight California Consulting’s versatility in navigating various grant programs, from federal initiatives to state-funded projects. Our firm’s success is a testament to its in-depth understanding of grant application processes, effective communication strategies, and a commitment to delivering tangible results for our clients.

“California Consulting’s success shines as a beacon of excellence in the grant writing industry,” says Shasta Bell, Director of Communications at California Consulting. “Our team’s dedication to securing funding for our clients allows us to make a meaningful impact on communities and organizations across the nation. We are proud to contribute to the success of our clients and look forward to continued achievements in the coming year.”

With a focus on transparency, accountability, and client satisfaction, California Consulting remains at the forefront of grant writing services. The firm’s ability to navigate the intricacies of grant applications and secure substantial funding positions them as a trusted partner for organizations seeking financial support for their initiatives.