California Consulting Announces 900 Grants Awarded Milestone

California Consulting INC announced that this week the company reached 900 funded grant applications written for clients.

Since opening in 2004, California Consulting grant writers have written 900 competitive federal, state, and private foundation grant applications that have been awarded for our clients.

While announcing the news California Consulting Director of Communications, Shasta Bell, commented, “Reaching 900 awarded competitive applications is an enormous achievement. Our grant writing team works exceptionally hard and cares deeply about the applications we draft. I would like to take this moment to acknowledge the hard work of our grant writing team that helped us reach the 900 mark. California Consulting prides itself on writing winning applications and this is a proud day for the Company and our entire team.”

California Consulting, LLC was founded in 2004 and is the state’s largest grant writing company. Our clients include many of the state’s most respected cities, school districts, and special districts as well as non-profits and others.