Whittier City School District Renews Contract with Almost $4.8 Million Secured for the District

Whittier City School District Renews Contract

California Consulting is delighted that Whittier City School District has renewed our contract. Whittier City School District has been a client since November of 2012 and California Consulting has secured almost $4.8 million for the district.

Aug-16  Sprint ConnectED School District Grant                                  $768,000

Aug-16  Arts for All: School District Advancement Grant                    $17,600

Jan-16 Lowe’s Tool Box for Education                                                      $4,264

Dec-15  LA County Arts For All Advancement Grant                             $19,400

Jul-15   Riordan Foundation Instructional Innovation Grant              $45,000

Jun-15  California Math and Science Partnership (CaMSP)                 $1,500,000

Feb-15  Costen Foundation Grant for the Art of Teaching                    $17,000

Dec-14  CA Department of Education CaMPS Grant                              $1,500,000

Jul-14   ST Math Program                                                                             $27,000

May-14   Lowe’s ToolBox for Education Grant                                         $3,745

Jun-13   CDE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grant                                    $17,497

Jun-13  Early Intervention for School Success (EISS)                            $50,000

Apr-13  21st century Community Learning Centers Program Grant   $822,500

Total: $4,792,006

California Consulting Senior Director Allison Richards commented on the announcement, “California Consulting is delighted to work with Whittier City School District. We enjoy working collaboratively with the District to secure important federal, state, and private foundation grant awards from priority projects for the students.”.

Thank you for your continued support of our services.