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California Consulting’s Senior Business Development Associate- Bay Area, Stephen Sanger, Attended CSDA Alameda County Chapter Meeting

Stephen SangerCalifornia Consulting’s Senior Business Development Associate for the Bay Area, Stephen Sanger, attended the CSDA Alameda County Chapter meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit (AC Transit) Regional Headquarters.   The Agenda was focused on mainly on the state of transportation projects in both the Alameda/Contra Costa county area, as well as the entire 9-county Bay Area region.  A regional transportation presentation was made by staff from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the policy, project, and financing arm for all Bay Area wide transportation projects.

Multiple California Consulting LLC Clients have been awarded a total of $ 396,003 for the 2015-2016 Tire Derived Product (TDP) Grant

California Consulting LLC is pleased to announce multiple California Consulting Clients were awarded the 2015-2016 Tire Derived Product (TDP) Grant totaling $396,003.

Central Union School District: $149,795 (Ann Vermel, Senior Project Manager- Central Valley)

City of La Puente: $74,657 (David Marquez, Project Manager)

City of San Joaquin: $149,865 (Danielle Sotelo, Deputy Statewide Grants Manager)

Hacienda La Puente USD: $21,686 (Amy Christianson, Senior Education Associate)

Total: $396,003

California Consulting LLC extends congratulations to our clients who have received awards and the grant writers and staff who wrote the applications.

California Consulting LLC Attends Highly Successful CSDA Event in Monterey County

12016 Sergio Mont. CSDA 2California Consulting Business Development Associate – Central Coast, Sergio Sanchez, attended the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) of Monterey County on January 19, 2016.  Congratulations to CSDA for hosting a very informative and successful meeting.


Pictured left: CC BDA Central Coast, Sergio Sanchez, State CSDA Director representing Moss Landing Harbor District, Vince Ferrante, and Chris Palmer, Public Affairs Field Coordinator, CSDA



California Consulting LLC Welcomes Orange County Water District (OCWD) as its Newest Client

Orange County Water DistrictCalifornia Consulting is pleased to welcome Orange County Water District (OCWD) as our newest client!


The Orange County Water District (OCWD) is an internationally recognized leader in the water industry and its international reach is growing. OCWD takes the limited water supply found in nature and supplements it to provide water for 2.4 million people in Orange County, California. Since 1933, when the California State Legislature formed it, OCWD has been entrusted to guard the region’s groundwater basin. OCWD manages and replenishes the basin, ensures water reliability and quality, prevents seawater intrusion, and protects Orange County’s rights to Santa Ana River water.


California Consulting is the state’s largest grant writing company. Since 2004, California Consulting has successfully written 700 grants that, through a combined effort, has secured over $1.5 billion dollars for it’s clients through federal, state, and nonprofit funding avenues.



California Consulting LLC Announces the Release of California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS): 2017 General Grant Application

California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS): 2017 General Grant Application

Deadline: January 30, 2016

Amount: Varies.  Applicants asked to provide reasonable costs for the requested services.

Match: None required

Eligibility: Cities, counties

OTS offers applicants the ability to create their own program adhering to several program topics, described below:

1.     Motorcycle Safety: Motorcycle safety grants focus on reducing motorcycle involved fatal and injury collisions.  This type of grant provides funding for concentrated enforcement, public education campaigns and motorcycle safety, outreach and education efforts to increase vehicle driver’s awareness of motorcycles.  During the month of May highly publicized enforcement operations and media events are conducted to promote “Motorcycle Awareness Month.”

2.     Occupant Protection: Occupant Protection grants provide highly effective programs which reduce traffic fatalities and injuries by increasing the usage of seat belts and child safety seats.  These grants provide traffic safety education, low-cost child safety seats, bilingual educational programs and materials, and overtime funds to conduct child safety seat checkups and enforcement.  A strong commitment requires help from the entire community including public agencies and the private sector to increase seat belt and child safety seat compliance and correct usage.

3.     Older Drivers: Grant funding would include training for law enforcement and emergency medical professionals to better identify impairments in older drivers and take appropriate actions.  In addition OTS funds traffic safety presentations for the senior community.

4.     Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: OTS grantees conduct traffic safety rodeos for elementary, middle and high schools, and community groups in an effort to increase awareness among various age groups.  To boost compliance with the law and decrease injuries, safety helmets are properly fitted and distributed to children in need.  Court diversion courses may be established in communities for those violating the bicycle helmet law.  Other programs target high-risk populations and areas with multicultural public education addressing safer driving, biking and walking behaviors.  A bicycle and pedestrian community program should be designed to increase safety awareness and skills among pedestrians and bicyclists and should also address driver behaviors.  Two types of programs are described below.  A comprehensive program should include both elements: 1) education and 2) enforcement.

5.     Education: Educational efforts may be designed to include the entire community or specific target groups.  Educational efforts may include bicycle rodeos, school presentations, community presentations, public service announcements and the distribution of pamphlets and posters to increase public awareness and education.

6.     Police Traffic Services (PTS): The PTS program focuses on enforcing and encouraging compliance with seat belt use, impaired driving, speed limit and other traffic laws.  This grant provides for Full Time Personnel if your Department has a retention plan for the traffic officer after the grant ends and overtime for enforcement, equipment, and other direct costs. Examples of funded equipment include: motorcycles, radar and laser speed measuring devices, visible display radar trailers, DUI checkpoint trailers, preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) devices, and computers.

California Consulting Senior Business Associate- Bay Area, Stephen Sanger, Attended Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District Board of Directors Meeting- 1/14/16

stephenCalifornia Consulting’s Senior Business Development Associate for the Bay Area, Stephen Sanger, was on the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, January 14th.  Our grant writing retainer contract was approved unanimously, and CC has already begun writing their first grant application for the California State Parks Land and Water Conservation Fund grants!

California Consulting Client, City of Rosemead, is Awarded $702,000 for the Caltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP)

Untitled-1California Consulting is pleased to announce our client, the City of Rosemead, was awarded the Caltrans Active Transportation Program Grant for $702,000. Congratulations to the City of Rosemead and our Deputy Statewide Grants Manager, Danielle Sotelo, for writing the successful application.

California Consulting is the state’s premiere grant writing company. California Consulting has successfully written several ATP applications that have been funded for over $1.5 million dollars!


California Consulting Client, City of Lynwood, Uses Grant Money to Build New Park

Linear Walking Trail Park


The City of Lynwood was awarded $4.9 million dollars from the State of California’s Parks Competitive Grant Program to specifically build a Linear Walking Trail/ Park along the Fernwood corridor. The linear piece of land for the proposed trail runs perpendicular to the 105 freeway on Fernwood Avenue. The park is between Atlantic Boulevard and Bullis Road which is about a mile long and ranges from 50 to 60 feet wide.



linear walking trail park1

Upon receiving the grant in 2012, the City asked residents to help with the design of the new Linear Walking Trail/ Park, to gather suggestions regarding what they would like to see in this new space. The park features include: 1) A small dog park; 2) A community garden with a tool shed and a vegetable wash station; 3) A fitness area; 4) A small playground; 5) Native vegetation; 8) Solar security lighting; 9) Seating opportunities; and 10) Historical signage that tells the history of Lynwood.

California Consulting is proud to be a part of this amazing project that helped beautify the Lynwood community.

California Consulting is the state’s largest grant writing company. Since 2004, California Consulting has successfully written over 690 grants. Through a combined effort, California Consulting has secured over $1.5 billion dollars for our clients through federal, state, and nonprofit funding avenues.