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California Consulting Welcomes Lakeside Union School District as Newest Client

lakeside union school district 2California Consulting is pleased to welcome our newest client, Lakeside Union School District in Bakersfield, California.

The Lakeside Union School District is committed to a quality educational program, responsive to the needs of its students within a safe nurturing environment. The staff, students, parents, and community assume responsibility for each student’s academic and personal success. Recognizing the worth and dignity of each student, the Lakeside Union School District prepares all students to achieve their fullest potential. Our goal is to produce students who make informed decisions, as they become responsible citizens and productive members of society.

California Consulting is the state’s largest grant writing firm and has successfully written over 680 grants applications. Through combined efforts, California Consulting has secured over $1.5 billion dollars through federal, state, and nonprofit funding for it’s clients.

California Consulting Now Offers Professional Development Services for School Districts

California Consulting Now Offers Professional Development Services for School Districts

Through a new partnership with Dr. John Walkup and Ben Jones, California Consulting now offers school districts a wide range of teacher workshops, classroom observation, and leadership development training services. Their services will help your professional educators learn new concepts and skills designed to enhance the learning environment in your classrooms.


Through their intensive training efforts, your instructors and administrators will:

·         Learn a systematic approach to delivering inquiry-based learning

·         Use Depth of Knowledge and Bloom’s Taxonomy to boost the rigor of instruction

·         Learn a systematic technique called GRAPPLE for delivering questions in class

·         Understand how to overcome sub-skill barriers in students from disadvantaged backgrounds




John WalkupDr. John Walkup

With a Doctor of Philosophy in theoretical physics, John combines a strong mathematical and science background with expertise in K12 curriculum development and analysis. As a co-developer of Cognitive Rigor Matrix, he applies those concepts in helping educators develop better curriculum, instructional practices, and improve student learning. John, has interests in such topics as STEM learning, English Learners, curriculum development, classroom observation, professional development, standards alignment, and curricular rigor.







Ben JonesBen S. Jones

Co-developer of the Cognitive Rigor matrix and a veteran educator of 25 years, Ben has spent much of his career helping students, teachers, colleagues, and policy makers better understand the impact learning environments have on student outcomes. With a Bachelor’s degree in geophysics and a Master’s degree in curriculum development and implementation, Ben continues to blend practical expertise in instruction, curriculum development, assessment, and educational research creating innovative approaches in building effective learning environments.








Rigorous Guided Inquiry

Learn the differences between rigorous and non-rigorous instruction by exploring the inquiry-based lesson model. By exposing the strengths and weakness of guided inquiry in science, develop a deeper insight into how rigorous instruction changes the game, regardless of the subject area.

Cognitive Rigor Lesson Planning

Learn how the distinctions between Bloom’s taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge help orchestrate an improved learning experience by allowing teachers to target a greater variety in skills and concepts for lesson planning.  Let Cognitive Rigor guide you in selecting effective combinations of instructional strategies, methodologies, and activity formats.

Subskill Scaffolding

Learn how to use Bloom’s Knowledge Dimension to identify grade-appropriate content while separating out the various sub-skills and sub-concepts. Scaffolding techniques focus on using grade level instruction while helping students fill in the gaps between lesson targeted skills and those prerequisite skills and concepts.

Questions Strategies Science Teachers

Learn the differences between checking for understanding and questioning for engagement by applying the GRAPPLE technique and depth of knowledge. By using better student selection methods, learn to convert student responses into meaningful learning dialogs.

Cognitive Rigor In The Classroom

Learn the differences between Bloom’s taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge and how the two compliment each other in creating a more contemplative learning environment.  Cognitive Rigor provides a flexible staging approach to instruction for both creative and critical thinking.

Writing In Science

Learn how to teach students organizational skills and techniques for committing their learning experiences into formal documents.  Science lab reports offer a prime example of how evidence of instruction creates meaningful long term cross-curricular opportunities to develop writing skills.

Problem/ Project Based Learning in the Classroom

Learn how to improve student abilities to handle open-ended scenarios through collaborative approach which incorporate both creative and critical thinking skills. Embed written, oral, technical opportunities for students to express their learning and solutions.

Classroom Observation/ Coaching

Learn to use classroom analysis techniques to direct reflective dialog as part of the professional development process. Create attainable goals based on objective use of data, observation, and personal interactions.

Interested in providing these services to your school district?

Contact California Consulting at 323-728-9002 or Also, see our Professional Development section on our website at California Consulting LLC is the state’s largest grant writing firm. Since 2004, California Consulting has written over 670 successfully-awarded applications for its clients.

California Consulting Senior Director Dana Leusch and Mark Kindelberger, sales executive with Schneider Electric’s Stockton office, met with State water officials on December 4th

120415 danaCalifornia Consulting Senior Director Dana Leusch and Mark Kindelberger, sales executive with Schneider Electric’s Stockton office, met with State water officials on December 4th to discuss outreach strategies to small cities across the state to provide information about the Small Community Wastewater Grant Program. This program, funded with Prop. 1 water bond funds, has $260 million available to help disadvantaged communities, or DACs (80% of state MHI and under 20,000 population) plan and implement wastewater treatment upgrades. Up to $500,000 is available for planning — with no match required for qualifying DACs. This grant program is being overlooked by many small communities, but California Consulting and Schneider Electric hope to team up to change that and spread the word. “There is grant funding and technical help for disadvantaged, small cities to make these projects a reality,” said Kindelberger. “But many smaller communities don’t know these funds are available to them. The Prop. 1 funding won’t be around forever, and we want to let cities know about this valuable program.”

You can contact to learn more about how to apply to the SWCRB Small Community Wastewater Grant Program.

California Consulting’s Southern California Director, Haig Kartounian, attended the SGV Merry Mingle Reception in Irwindale, CA

121015 SGV IrwindaleCalifornia Consulting’s Southern California Director, Haig Kartounian, attended the San Gabriel Valley Merry Mingle Reception in Irwindale, CA. The reception was hosted by the San Gabriel Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. We thank the outgoing Pres. & CEO of SGV Economic Partnership, Cynthia Kurtz, for her service, and wish her success as she assumes her new role at the LA River Revitalization Corp.

California Consulting LLC Welcomes the City of Ontario as Newest Client

City of OntarioCalifornia Consulting is pleased to welcome the city of Ontario as our newest client!

Ontario is a city located in southwestern San Bernardino County, California, United States, 35 miles (56 km) east of downtown Los Angeles. Located in the western part of the Inland Empire region, it lies just east of the Los Angeles county line and is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. As of the 2010 Census, the city had a population of 163,924, up from 158,007 at the 2000 census, making it the county’s fourth most populous city after San Bernardino, Fontana, and Rancho Cucamonga.[not verified in body]

The city is home to the LA/Ontario International Airport, which is the 15th busiest airport in the United States by cargo carried. Ontario handles the mass of freight traffic between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the rest of the country.[10] It is also the home of Ontario Mills and former home of the Ontario Motor Speedway.[not verified in body]

It takes its name from the Ontario Model Colony development established in 1882 by the Canadian engineer George Chaffey and his brothers William Chaffey and Charles Chaffey.[11] They named the settlement after their home province of Ontario.