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California Consulting Welcomes County of Orange – OC Waste & Recycling as our Newest Client

OC Waste and Water recyclingCalifornia Consulting LLC is pleased to welcome County of Orange – OC Waste & Recycling as our newest client!

OC Waste & Recycling provides waste management services, protects the environment, and promotes recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations. To learn more about County of Orange-OC Waste & Recycling please visit their website


Saul Hinojosa Jr. Joins California Consulting LLC Team as Project Manager

Saul Hinojosa Clear.png

For the span of over two decades, Saul has been directly involved in the development, implementation, evaluation, and research of health, education, and environmental programs in Southern California. Mr. Hinojosa has worked as an independent consultant for the non-profit sector in the development of environmental, health, and water protection and development programs.

His expertise includes developing health programs in the areas of Healthcare Services for Underserved Populations, Migrant Health Programs, Community Education and Prevention and Outreach Programs, Asthma Education and Prevention, Promotora Programs for Farm Workers and monolingual Spanish Speaking Communities, Cancer Education, Prevention, and Research. An additional area of expertise is educational youth programs, educational tutoring and mentoring, after school programs, and counseling programs for parents and their children. Furthermore, he has secured funding for environmental and water programs in Southern California, working in partnership with various community organizations and community leaders and government entities, he has successfully obtained funding for environmental protection, environmental cleaning, water protection and development, protection of natural resources and assets, and environmental leadership development.

Mr. Hinojosa has shown a commitment in helping the local communities where he has lived and worked. He is involved with various nonprofit groups, community organizations, and community associations. His former and current associations include in helping the local Relay for Life Events, Binational Programs, Environmental Alliances, Community Food Banks, local community conferences, Mentoring youth in the Coachella Valley, Assisting local fundraising events, and being a member of different community boards and clubs.

Saul enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends and taking care of his pets. Mr. Hinojosa has a Master Degree in Business Administration and Public Health Administration from University of California San Diego. Mr. Hinojosa has a B.A in Psychology and Business from University of California Santa Barbara.

California Consulting LLC Welcomes The City of Westminster as our Newest Client

Westminster_california_SignCalifornia Consulting LLC is pleased to welcome the City of Westminster as our newest client.

Westminster was founded in 1870 by Rev. Lemuel Webber as a Presbyterian temperance colony. The name is derived from the Westminster Assembly of 1643, which laid out the basic tenets of the Presbyterian faith. For several years of its early history, its farmers refused to grow grapes because they associated grapes with alcohol.

Westminster was incorporated in 1957, at which time it had 10,755 residents. Originally, the city was named Tri-City because it was the amalgamation of three cities: Westminster, Barber City, and Midway City. Midway City ultimately refused incorporation, leaving only Barber City to be absorbed into the newly incorporated Westminster. The former Barber City was located in the western portion of the current city of Westminster.

Westminster is landlocked and bordered by Seal Beach on the west, by Garden Grove on the north and east, and by Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley on the south.

Westminster surrounds the unincorporated area of Midway City, except for a small portion where Midway City meets Huntington Beach to the south.

A large number of Vietnamese refugees came to the city in the 1970s, settling largely in an area now officially named Little Saigon, and the city is unofficially known as the “capital” of overseas Vietnamese with 36,058Vietnamese Americans and at 40.2% (2010), the highest municipal concentration of Vietnamese Americans.

city of Westminster

City of Westminster won the All American City Award in 1996.

California Consulting LLC Announces California Department of Education Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grant Deadline is March 14, 2016

Fruit and VegetablesCalifornia Department of Education (CDE): Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program ​ (FFVP) Grant​

Deadline: ​ ​March ​14, 2016

Amount: Varies. The amount of the individual school grant will depend on the total enrollment of the schools participating in the program​, usually $50-$75 per student​.

Match: None

Eligibility: Public school districts, county offices of education, direct-funded charter schools, private schools, and residential child care institutions who are School Food Authorities

The California Department of Education (CDE), through the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP), will grant funds to eligible elementary school sites to provide students with a variety of free fresh fruit and vegetable snacks throughout the school day as a supplement to (and not part of) the school breakfast and school lunch programs, and to teach students about good nutrition. The FFVP encourages schools to partner with other entities in the community to support their efforts.

​  ​An eligible school site MUST: (1) Be an elementary school (see definition below), (2) Participate in the NSLP, (3) Have 50 percent or more of its students eligible for free or reduced-price ​​meals, (4) Provide fresh fruits and vegetables during the school day, (5) Agree to make free fresh fruits and vegetables available to all enrolled children, (6) Widely publicize within the school the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, and (7) Have documented support of the food service manager, principal, and district superintendent.

​  ​Per federal law, schools will be chosen based on their percentage of free/reduced-price students, with the highest priority given to schools with the highest percentages of low-income students, to the maximum extent practicable.

If you are interested in this grant for your district or entity, please contact us directly at 323-728-9002 or visit our website at